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Facts of Synergy    Sponsor ID 1414440

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Perfect business model 


In 1999 Synergy was launched in Japan firstto prove itself

if a network marketing company can succeed there, it can succeed anywhere.

Synergy hit $100 Million in Annual Revenue in 2012

Most of Synergy’s success has been in Asia and Europe – 96% of sales were overseas.

The small er sales in the US have been primarily from doctors with a customer base.

There has been no real business focus or leadership here.

Because of this, we have a ground floor opportunity in the USA with a company

that has already proven itself and is stable (13 years old)

Wholly owned subsidiary of Nature’s Sunshine – debt free,

nutrition giant , that is the #1 supplement manufacturer in the world. No one has higher standards.

Public company – everything is documented and out in the open

Highest (documented) payout in the industry – 55% is paid back to the team members with no breakage to the company.

51% retention rate , which is 6 times greater retention than the industry average

More millionaires per capita than other companies        Synergy-V3-Logo

Products that are changing lives

You can leave your legacy with this company

Corporate listens to and values their team members

Synergy has all the converging factors that need to be in place for

you to have success :

perfect timing in the marketplace, financially stable and rock solid,

products that people need and will continue to take,

and a compensation plan that creates a win – win Situation.

Timing in the marketplace

$ Billion Network Marketing companies have been born in previous tough economic times.

Now is prime time for another company to create mass momentum.

We are in a global economic crisis. People need a viable way to make extra money to make ends meet.

1 out of every 2 people will die of cardiovascular disease, and need this product

Obesity and diabetes are on the rise

10,000 people turn 60 everyday and 85% of those will die from CVD, which is a horrible way to die.

Financially Rock Solid with our Parent Company, Nature’s Sunshine

Over 40 year old industry leader and the #1 supplement manufacturer in the world

Publically held – no secrets

5A1 credit rating – the highest you get.

Over $100 million in liquid cash

Product that people need and is life enhancing

Synergy – Shop   Sponsor ID 1414440   click here-

1 out of every 2 people will die of cardiovascular disease, and Need ProArgi – 9Rotes-Buch-Synergy

ProArgi – 9 is time released over 24-36 hours (as opposed to 1-2 hours like most others)

ProArgi-9’s l-arginine is plant based (Synthetic or animal based

l-arginine can sometimes carry side effects or can be ineffective)

There was a clinical trial at the High Desert Heart Institute by Dr.Siva (world renowned) on ProArgi-9.

Their first line of protocol for all patients is now ProArgi-9 Plus.-

14 years of Harvard research on our weight management system

Guaranteed to enhance human life with a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee

Products are manufactured by Nature’s Sunshine

Compensation plan that treats people fairly–written for the people, by the People

Highest (documented) payout in this industry . 55 cents of every comissionable

dollar is paid back to the distributors with no breakage to the company.

Sally Jo Homemaker can succeed in this business

Can make up to $60,000 per year by sponsoring just one person who goes to work.

Can make unlimited income with just 2 people.

100% Mega Match on your personally sponsored people,

regardless if they are 1 or 1,000 levels away from you – nowhere else in this industry

Allows you to put your people and their success first

Dual Linear Compensation Plan – looks like a binary, but it is not.

They’ve taken out the negatives normally associated with a binary.

Encourages teamwork and not competition.

More on Nature’s Sunshine and their Product Quality Assurance

33 experts, scientists and researchers on board

Over $2 Million spent on testing each year

They go beyond orga nic with their ingredients. No GMOs and a

ll ingredients are tested down to parts per Trillion

(1 drop of water in 20 Olympic sized swimming pools) for all contaminants and toxins.

Any raw ingredients that don’t meet their strict standards,

they reject, and our competitors buy them.

Over 600 in house tests to guarantee potency, purity, safety, and efficacy. (262 tests on every single batch of ProArgi-9)

Will never compromise quality to get a better bottom line.

Constantly looking for ways to improve products to make them better.

Synergy English-Presentation,   click here

Synergy – Shop   Sponsor ID 1414440   click here-


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 Order directly from the manufacturer


your health products

Visit the „Synergy WorldWide“ Shop by using the following link:

> Synergy-Shop <

and proceed as follows:

Register yourself, and indicate the Sponsor Number 1414440

(Heinz Strasser sms24@gmx.de )

Chose:  proceed as preferred customer (products will be delivered at wholesale prices)

Or, if you wish to recommend the products to others and earn money,

pls. indicate: proceed as a new team member.

After successful completion of the registration, you may order products at wholesale prices

any time you want, as much you want, and as often as you want

without any obligation!

> Synergy Shop <

Products are available in the following countries:

Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States , Vietnam, Australia, Canada,

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